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17 March, 2010

Step of Faith

Step of Faith
I read a blog this morning about a woman who made a career change. She felt God calling her to somethng else and stepped out in faith to pursue another career.
I thought to myself, that's so wonderful but she has a husband paying the mortgage and other bills while she establishes herself in her new career. What about me? I have no husband to pay my rent while I pursue being a full time writer. So why is God calling me to do this when He knows I'm not able to?
Then it hit me. If I could do it on my own, where is the need for faith?
In James 2:17 it states that faith without works is dead. So I can say "Yes Lord, I hear you calling me to be a full time writer", but if I don't back that up with the action God is asking of me then I really don't have faith.
I can write and write and write, but until I let go of the "security" of a biweekly paycheck, I'm not stepping out in faith. I have to stop worrying about how the rent is going to get paid and instead, trust God and do what I know He is asking me to.
So the question is: when will I step out in faith?

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  1. Go for it! What u said makes to much sense not to do it. God does open doors for us when we are on the path he has set.