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15 March, 2010

Day 42 and still no rain

"Day 42 and still no rain. Even licking the dew off of flies does not satiate my thirst."
I've come to realize that I get very silly when I'm sleepy.
The writer is finally home 15 hours after she left and now must find some reserve in her to write 5 pages on her YA novel. I also need to organize the info on the summer writing workshops I want to attend in order of closest deadline.
Today wasn't too much of a creative drain. Most days at work are unfortunately.
The going advice, (yes I am jumping topics; remember I get easily distracted), is to write what you know.  There are a lot of things I want I write about. I'm on my second ideas journal. The first one is full, cover to cover.
That's not even counting the short films I want to make.
But not everything I write about, or want to write about I know.
For instance, I want to write about Atlantis and the Dust Bowl. Have no clue about either one but I have some great what if ideas.
So I prefer to go with my what ifs and let them guide me.
Now if I could just apply that to my personal life...

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