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21 March, 2010

What did she choose?

Well, before I get to what my decision was, let me put some backstory in.
I saw Alice in Wonderland today. I read the interview of the screenwriter in Script magazine. She's the same one that wrote Beauty and the Beast for Disney. She explained how when she was writing Alice, she wrote it from a dark period in her life. Tragedy and sorrow. So I was looking forward to seeing how that conveyed itself in the film. I could see the tragedy and the growth in Alice; felt the loneliness of the Queen of hearts. I want my writing to make people ache inside. To make them laugh out loud.

Before I wrote this blog I spent an hour journaling, as God opened a door He wanted open in me. A door that's been closed since college. It's necessary in order for me to be a successful writer.

Remember how I said I hate making decisions. Did you know not making a decision is a decision in and of itself? So I made my faith decision yesterday before I left Panera. I left and and headed to the film festival to watch some short films. One of the films is the reason I was journaling before this. After the short films the audience was able to talk to the writers, and directors of the films. It was encouraging and uplifting.

Late last night I had to head back to the film festival to hostess. Out of that event I connected with a potential camera man/editor, and two film makers. Their contact info is in my iPhone right now.

So my faith decision led to God providing these contacts, these opportunities. What was my decision?

The Writer Is In

Well last night, or this morning actually between 1 and 2:30 am I pulled out my writing, and my calendar and looked over what I have and what is in progress.

2 Inspirational articles
4 Children's stories
2 scripts

In progress:
2 Young Adult novels (one is epic length)
1 Zombie script
1 End of the World script
1 Strong female hero script

Armed with this I organized myself. I have targeted dates to search for markets to submit work completed, and then submit my work. I've also organized my work in progress, prioritizing which one to complete first, and so on.

This is an exciting and scary time for me. I'm stepping out in faith with my writing. I'm letting my passion flow in my words.
I hope you all will encourage me as I venture out. If you don't hear from me for days don't take it personally. I'm in my writing zone. Texts and emails still work. So does dropping by Panera with some chocolate. Like tonight.
No really, I would love a Reeses right now.

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