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19 March, 2010

Fried Mushrooms

Shared fried mushrooms tonight with a friend. They were actually pretty good. I liked them because they have a hard, crunchy exterior, surrounding a warm and mushy interior. Sometimes I spend so much time building up that hard, crunchy exterior, that I don't often show the warm, mushy me. Having that hard outer shell keeps me from relaxing and being my true self 100% of the time.

Women tend to judge ourselves against other women. Or we change to fit whoever we are dating or married to. Why? Because we're afraid if he saw us for who we really are, he would be disappointed or not interested. I don't know about you? But I'm tired of living a hard crunchy life. So let's take a sledge hammer and whack that hard outside to pieces. You only get one life. Why spend it being someone you're not? Or spend it with someone who keeps trying to change you?

So what if I love zombies, and converse sneakers, and anime, and star trek?
So what if I'm a passionate person that likes to hold hands and cuddle.
Am I suppose to coverup my interior and pretend none of those things matter?
Have you? What was the result? I'd love to hear some of your thoughts. Feel free to post anonymously.

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