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23 March, 2010


I had the opportunity to travel with the band from my school to a music competition pre-performance. I had never been to one and I really enjoyed myself. I love music. Right now the iPod part of my iPhone has exactly 99 songs on it. That's not all the music I own, just what I've either uploaded, or downloaded.
I have a playlist specifically for writing. The music helps transport my mind to that writing planet/alternate universe that I inhabit for a few hours before having to return to reality.
As a writer I've found it important to do whatever is necessary for me to get to that other writing planet. Because when I don't my writing sucks. It's two dimensional and boring. Ah, but when I'm transported away, nothing else exists but that world.
I use to think that was weird until I read Terry Brooks does the same thing mentally. When he is writing his bestsellers, he is completely wrapped up in the world he has created.
If I don't immerse myself in the world of my characters then I'm not doing them justice.
Of course. I'm not sure how deep I want to put myself in the world of my current project-zombies.

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