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26 March, 2010


So I'm perusing the Sarasota film festival guide. I'm picking out movies I want to see, after parties I need to attend to network, and adding up hotel costs and it comes out to the figure listed above.
There are some really great films listed and while some nights I will be making the trek back home, in some cases it would be better if I just got a room for a few days. 
"But $605.00?" "Des, that's a lot of money."
It is and so I will have to sit down with a highlighter, and whittle the cost down to about half.
But it's such a hard decision. I want to see the animated shorts, and the documentaries. I want to have a conversation with a Disney animator. I want to go to the opening night film and after dessert-party. I want to watch movies that are going to make me laugh and cry.
So I think I'll sleep on it. 

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