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21 June, 2011

Blank page

Today I am working on an animated TV pilot. Age range of 3-8, and writing a spec based off of the hit SyFy tv show "Sanctuary".

This entry was penned yesterday, but my writing got temporarily derailed by unforeseen circumstances. So here is yesterday's blog.

There is nothing more daunting that the look of a blank page/computer screen. Like a blizzard without end, the page/screen stares back at you, knowing it is the three-ton giant in the room.
Three hundred fifty page novel, One thousand page novel, One hundred thirty-five page screenplay, Thirty five page sitcom. Looking at the task from the end point the challenge seems insurmountable, and yet it has to be done.

What is the alternative? Put the screenwriting, and TV writing books in a box and forgot about the dream? Withdraw from the graduate program designed to teach you to be a better writer?

There is a line from the movie Galaxy Quest spoken by Tim Allen’s character. His crew from the TV series realizes they are in outer space and want to go home. He states: “If that’s what you want, just say the word, we’ll go. Pay out taxes, feed our fish, and miss out on all of this.”

Just say the word, put all your writing in a box and store it; sell your writing books at a garage sale. Get a job, pay some bills, walk the dog and soon the echo of your dream clamoring for your attention becomes just that. A dull echo that soon becomes nothing at all.

Plop yourself down in front of that TV watching episodes of your favorite show. Go pay $12.00 to see your favorite science fiction-action flick. And when you shut off that remote, and when you leave that movie theater, ignore that empty feeling inside. The one that says-hey I wanted to do that. Because you were too afraid of a blank page.

15 June, 2011

What Happened?

I'm sitting at Panera ready and eager to work on my writing. And bam! I forgot the summary of the animated tv pilot I was going to hammer out today. Kinda need that. It's got the character names and plot points, etc.
Well that's okay I say to myself, I'll type in the work I did on the sci fi script. Bam! Brought the wrong notebook.
So here I sit, staring at a screensaver of The Smoky mountains, trying to figure out where my mind was when I left this morning, and what can I work on with my planned work sitting at home on the dining room table, as I type this on my iPhone because Frankenstein laptop is acting wonky again. Oh and the battery just died in my wireless mouse.

Can I just call this day a wash since my planned work is not where I need it? My computer is acting up and my clicker is dead?
What did you say? Just go home and do it? Nope. Can't. They're replacing the ac in my apartment and had to turn the electric off. Its probably 90 degrees in there right now.
So I will smack the laptop a couple of times and scroll thorough other work I have, then do some YA Novel reading to help me be a better writer.
Then I'll call it a day. And hope tomorrow I am better prepared.

08 June, 2011

On the Right Track

Read the feedback yesterday from a screenplay contest I entered where you had to write one scene and the winners of that moved on to round two.
I didn't make it to round two but I wanted to read the judge's feedback and see my score.
What did the judge say:
"A well crafted scene...excellent mix of horror and comedy...Could use some subtext in the dialogue...overall a job well done."
So my focus is going to be on adding subtext to my screenplays. I had more, but I cut it in favor of what I thought was better dialogue. A mistake I won't do again.
Oh and my score? 93. Only a few points away from making it into round two.
Wow. I am growing. How can I say that? Because each time I get feedback it's not the same error. And I had a feeling about the dialogue, but didn't listen to myself. Rookie mistake? Yeah, but what I've learned about screenplays is that even those that are optioned (sold), have errors in them. My job is to make mine as perfect as possible so I get the job and the next job and so on and so forth.
That feedback will give me the boost I need to finish tackling this high concept sci fi screenplay I've been working on.
Having faith and believing.

01 June, 2011


I've drawn a blank today for or in my writing. Something terrible happened to two people I know Sunday night. It could have been worse, and I am thankful God was watching out for them but it made me wonder where is the morality of our youth today-referencing the male that intended harm to these people. Why is it our society teaches our youth that anything is permissible even if you have to take it by force?
I wonder what words would persuade today's youth to seek the truth and be exposed to the light? God's word yes, but they are so far removed from the bible it's heart breaking.
Six years of teaching adolescents and I have witnessed first-hand their despair.
When people think of mentoring a child they think it is impossible for them (all things are possible for the one who believes-Jesus). Guess what today's youth need? TIME. It's as simple as that. Sit with them, listen to them. Hear their hearts and show them the right path to take. Just do something!