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16 March, 2010

I've been a naughty wench

"I've been a Naughty Wench."
It's weird waking up from a self-imposed hibernation. God needed to work on me, clean house in me, and it was better for me at that time to be a cave dweller. Like a severly sunburned person  avoids the one thing that damaged them until he or she is fully healed.
So last year, God kicked me out of my cave. Sealed it, dynamited it, reduced it to a pile of rocks. God said I was ready, my healing complete. I just needed to trust Him and open myself up again.
The only problem was I wanted to hang around the pile of rocks of my past.
You know there's this verse in the bible about being in Christ and being a new creation. I don't fully understand it but I'm learning there is freedom there.
So now I've turned my back on the pile of rocks of my past and I'm heading out. I'm tingling with anticipation because of the doors God is opening and the life before me.
Now the naughty wench has much to consider. Will she or won't she? 

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