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24 May, 2011

Can you smell it?

Summer is almost here. Summer vacation. Hooray. Time to read for pleasure. Time to go in-depth with my writing.
This summer will be different as I will have more flexibility to travel.
I still haven't raised all the funds that I need to go to Scotland (only 20%), but I still have hope that I can make that trip a reality this summer.
If anyone has any frequent flyer miles that they aren't in need of I will gladly accept them.
I discovered a new library thanks to a former co-worker. The library is a fiction lovers dream. I loaded myself down with a nice stack of middle grades fiction.
I started reading a book about mermaids, which is translated from it's original German. The title escapes me at the moment. And I don't have it with me at my morning coffee spot.
But another book I grabbed I have always wanted to read-"James and the Giant Peach". That's up next.
I'd forgotten how much I enjoy reading middle grades fiction.

My writing right now? Frankenstein laptop is at it again. This time he turned himself off for no reason whatsoever. I went to put paper in the printer and when I turned around he was shutting down. Yeah-no work done yesterday. Perhaps he will be in a better mood tonight?
I am editing my second novel and writing (by hand), my third. The third novel is fantasy and it will surpass the length of the first novel I wrote. I don't have an exact word count, but I have my rough outline. I'm looking forward to digging deeper into it over the summer.

And even though I can smell summer coming, the clock on my iPhone says it's time to upload today's blog and get to work.

11 May, 2011


Today's blog will be brief but full of good news.
I have been accepted into an Mfa writing program.
I am looking forward, strange as it may sound, to have my writing picked apart by published authors and to write critical essay after critical essay of other writer's work.
It's what I've been craving for my writing and it is my heart's desire. I am thankful it is also God's desire.

02 May, 2011

Lay it on the Altar

Monday and the first song the shuffle feature on my phone's iPod selected is "Where there is Faith", by 4Him.
Returning to work after a nice, albeit late spring break. I have six weeks left at my job. I'll have to start the process of moving my things. I'd rather not wait until the end so I'll start taking home my belongings a little at a time starting today.
It feels weird to be in this position again-losing my job.
One of my favorite songs from The Color Purple movie is "God is trying to tell you something."
I spent three straight hours yesterday editing one of my novels and I enjoyed it. I relish the days that I will be able to be solely focused on my writing.
What if that time is now?
What is God telling me? Am I to look for another teaching job, or let the sun set on that career and focus solely on my writing?
I don't have the finances to "wing it" so to speak, but is God asking me to agree to so He can open another door?
Like in Genesis 22:1-19. When God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac. Abraham obeyed in faith, but God did not intend for Abraham to kill Isaac, He was testing to see if Abraham was truly ready.
Is it time for me to lay my job on the altar of sacrifice?