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06 October, 2019

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18 June, 2019

My first novel is out!

There's something amazing about holding the first copy of your novel in your hands. Flipping through the pages. Smelling the glossy cover. I was able to do that. My first Young Adult, Fantasy (with some Sci-fi elements), novel is out. And I feel extremely blessed. Jesus has taken me on this journey of self discovery. Showed me my true purpose. Gave me the tools to make my dream come true. And this is just the beginning. The Blue Key: Quest for Peace is part one of a series. Part two has already been outlined and I will commence writing it this July. FULL TIME! Thank you to my family and friends who made this novel possible. My proof copy of The Blue Key: Quest for Peace, sits on my bookshelf next to the first bible I bought when I was saved. It's in the right place. Do I have any regrets about this novel? I regret that I spent years sending it to agents and getting it rejected, instead of listening to people (including young adults), who loved it and begged me to publish it so they could finish reading the entire novel. LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIENCE. THEY KNOW BETTER! My second novel is also a series. This one is 100% Sci-fi. I'm almost done with revisions on it. Then it will sit for a few weeks while I work on final edits to a suicide screenplay I'm putting finishing touches on. Then that novel will hopefully be ready to publish in August of this year. Thank you again for all those who believed in me and cheered me on. You guys are amazing!

29 January, 2019

Be encouraged

This post is not for everyone. This post is for anyone who has seen all the publishing success of friends and it has started making you feel bad. You may feel bad because you haven’t achieved a book deal or landed an agent. You may feel bad because your books no longer sell. May I have a moment. You are amazing. No one call tell your stories the way you can. No one has your distinct voice. You may be knee deep in diapers or working two jobs (that was me), or so busy with what life gives you that your writing has shriveled down to nothing. You are amazing. You care and provide for yourself and your family. Your writing isn’t gone. Your writing practice isn’t gone. Both are at a different position than when you started this writer’s journey. You are amazing. What is the one novel, poem, short story, picture book, screenplay, etc. that you’ve always wanted to write but didn’t think anyone would care to read? Write it. Write it in snippets of the day. You only did a paragraph today? Yay. You only did five pages this week? Yay. You can’t find five minutes to write? DM me so we can talk about what’s really going on. You are amazing. And I am here to help anyone that wants it. Desiree