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18 March, 2010

It's Thursday

So I told myself I would blog everyday. Even if I think I have nothing to say. Kinda like my writing. I do it even if I don't feel anything. I'm sitting here with one eye open, another 15 hour day in the bag. I'm happy because I got a fresh supply of mountain dew. It helps me get my second wind at work. And the Gasparilla film festival started tonight. I'm scheduled to volunteer this weekend and I'm excited because it's my first film festival. I hope to get the chance to talk with film makers and get some pointers about shooting my own short films.
My heart's desire is to do an animated short as well as live action.
That's all I have in me tonight. I'm glad I still have my pocket tape recorder to dictate writing
to myself because that's where my novel writing for tonight is going.
I really need to stop burning the candle at both ends, then hacking it in the middle to burn it there as well.
Haven't forgotten I still have a faith decision to make.

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