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27 March, 2010

Running Away

I'm running away for 24 hours. Midnight tonight until midnight tomorrow. I'm turning off my iPhone and grabbing my first generation memorex mp3 player and escaping to an undisclosed location. Why? Because I'm in sensory overload. I'm a visual, creative person so my mind stores everything I see. Every color, every texture; Everything. I'm overstimulated. Over worked. Underappreciated.
I need to recharge my batteries somewhere no one can find me.
The goal is to come back recharged and ready for some marathon writing.
Ooh skeeball
Ok I'm back. My youngest nephew's bday party is at one of those gokart/arcade places. I love getting those skeeball tickets and trading them in for candy.
Where was I? Oh yeah running away. I know your not suppose to tell anyone your running away your just suppose to do it, but I know I'm going to come back different so I'm giving my blog followers notice.
There's a reason I love dragons.

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