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30 March, 2010


I love being outdoors. I often wonder why I didn't become a park ranger. Guess I was afraid some rogue grizzly was going to eat me. As I write today's blog I am sitting on a stool outside.
I love the green of the grass and trees. I love watching butterflies and bees fly around. I even pause to watch the ants march back and forth. Today is a sunny day with a gentle breeze. The perfect day for a hike in the woods with my camera, capturing all that catches my curiousity. 
I love to watch the tadpoles and minnows swim in the water, and the turtles sunning themselves on logs.
Monday through Friday is difficult only because I have to wait for the weekend to fully enjoy the outdoors.
I think it's interesting how God created different desires and loves in each of us. My love of the outdoors was shared only by my father and I. He's been gone nine years and I am grateful to him for passing his love of the outdoors to me. I miss you Daddy.
Time to lace up my hiking boots and hit the trail.  

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