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13 March, 2010

Day 1

It didn't take as long as I thought it would to set up my blog. I need to get a picture taken to post with my profile. Until then, Sam will have to fill in, and she's such a ham that it wasn't a problem.
Most of the research is done for my new YA novel. I even drafted the outline this week, which I've never done with something that wasn't a screenplay. It does make it easier to stay on track. Those that know me know I'm easily distracted and sidetracked.
It's how I roll.
Plans for today:
1. Buy a black dress for the Gasparilla International Film Festival I'm volunteering at.
2. Do Character profiles of my main characters in this YA novel so I know their voice and speak it well.
3. Shoot and edit some video at a pastor friend's family fun day today.
4. Finish act one of my zombie script.

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