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22 March, 2010

Monday was a New Day

Monday was a new day

I woke up after 5 hours of sleep rested and full of joy. It was weird. That decision I made put me on the right path. Which was good because from an events happening standpoint, today should have brought me down. I had an observation that took all class period, student deliberately broke one of my yard sticks, threw it on the ground, and just walked away. Another student tried to break one of my Slinkys, and a stop watch was thrown.

Good from today: laughing with my students, good friend, peace and renewal in me. So as I sit in the last day of this workshop, knowing it's going to be another 15 hour day, I'm feeling great.

I'm looking forward to grabbing some Krystals on the way home, and getting in at least two hours of writing before bedtime. Tonight's agenda is: outline act one of zombie script because I'm starting to wander, and research some markets for the completed children's stories.

Avalon has a great song called "New Day". The chorus says-"Thank God it's a brand new day."
Thank you Lord for my new beginning.

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