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24 March, 2010

So what

Today did not turn out at all like I thought it would.
I was shocked and surprised.
Today someone shut a door. I think slammed would be a better adjective. It threw me off my rhythm, my gameplan.
But as I sit here preparing to do my evening writing I am back on target.
Everything happens for a reason. This is true. But not everything needs to be taken lying down.
God's timing is perfect. God's plan is perfect.
The worst thing I could do is let the events of today keep me from working on my passion, my calling: my writing.
So tonight's agenda is to start the YA novel synopsis I need to submit along with the first 1,000 words to an exclusive writers retreat. All expenses except travel are paid if you get accepted. It's a chance to spend a weekend working with a writing coach on my novel.

The outline of Act One of my zombie script went really well. I've got some good stuff to set up my main characters and to help establish who they are, what the conflict is, and what strengths they will use to win (or lose).

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