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12 August, 2010

What If?

Just a quick blog tonight. I've spent a great deal of today running around and in meetings and such. My summer break has come to a close. There is a Perseid meteor shower at midnight that I am staying up for. I did go for a walk at 9pm, mistakenly thinking I could see it now, but I did catch a view of Venus. My telescope broken and not replaced yet, I had to look at it with my unaided eye. Still the brightest thing in the western sky. As I'm standing looking at Venus and all the constellations out tonight, it reminds me of how small I am. And it generated some story ideas. Science fiction is my first love. I own many first editions (paperbacks) from some of the giants like Bradbury, Asimov, Vogt, Pohl. Tonight I came up with some "what ifs". What ifs are how novelists generate story ideas. What if aliens come and invade and enslave the Earth?-"Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clark. What if someone erases your memory and gives you a brand new identity, but tries to kill you when you start remembering?-"We can remember it for you wholesale." by Philip K. Dick, they "loosely based the movie Total Recall on it. I'm not endorsing that movie btw.
Many of Phillip's short stories were turned into films-minority report, paycheck, bladerunner.
The idea is to start with a what if. I got a great what if just from looking at Venus, and a reminder about a novel/screenplay I wanted to write that is science fiction.
While I'm waiting for midnight to roll around I'm putting on a pot of decaf and cracking open the lap top. Tonight's goal-20 pages of retyping my editing.

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