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06 August, 2010

Funny Day

Funny day
I went to bed last night at 12 am. My alarm was set for 7am. The wakeup plan-bible study for an hour, followed by four hours of editing my novel. Only one problem- I didn't fall asleep at midnight. 1am rolled around with me sleepy but unable to sleep. I reset the alarm for 8am, and figured while I was up I would pray for people in my life and or dear to my heart. 2am and I am wide awake. I'm getting frustrated because I have alot of work planned for today. I go to the bathroom to pop a benadryl. I pray some more and grab my iPhone. I figured the benadryl will kick in, in about 15 minutes and I'll drift off to sleep. I played checkers, and solitaire and still not sleepy.
3 am. I distinctly remember screaming (softy so I don't freak out my neighbors). No! I'm still wide awake. I have got to get some sleep. Tomorrow (now today), is too important of a writing day for me. I go to my TV.com app and start watching a star trek rerun-where Kirk first meets Khan.
3:30am. Now I fall asleep. Wide awake at 8am, I read through my email devotionals, then I go make my coffee and breakfast and have my quiet time. My brain is mush there is nothing creative in it, so I get to work on cleaning. I grab a box, that I'm almost ashamed to say, that I haven't opened in at least four years. Lots of old photos. A letter from my dad. My grandmothers pearls. It took me two and a half hours to go through that box. Reminiscing. My grandmother's pearls are a reminder of God setting into motion events in my life, in preparation for a promise, a vision that was to come. I have to get one strand fixed but the pearls are beautiful.
I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with my daughter. Reminiscing with her.
I didn't accomplish what I thought was important today, but something greater. A chance to reflect on God's goodness and time with my daughter.

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