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04 August, 2010

Fix a flat

Fix a flat is one of the neatest inventions. It pumps this foamy stuff into your flat tire so you can drive on the tire long enough to get the tire fixed. I'm home from orchestra rehearsal and I'm replacing the flat tire in Chapter 9-10, with a permanent replacement. I had to use the flat tire only long enough to get me to where I was going, chapter 11, and to finish my book. The thing about editing is it allows you to go back in and replace whatever you need to. In this case I just added a page of writing in between chapters 9&10. The flat tire required extensive work. The worst thing a writer can do is leave a foamy tire in there and send it off to the publisher thinking no one will notice. But just like the foamy tire that you can't drive on forever, your readers will notice.
So in my editing tonight I took a crucial scene and added more description. I increased the tension and the anxiety level. Now it's riding on a proper tire.

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