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31 August, 2010

Revision One is done

Revision One is complete. Phew. That took some time. Am I done? Is it ready to submit to agents? No. Along the way I cleared up some fuzzy areas, and deepened the tension and added conflict, but I also found some areas I want to expand further. One thing is for certain. I gave it one gigantic cliff hanger. The plan is that this is book one of a three part series. Do I start writing the second book? No. Authors and agents agree: wait until you have sold the first one. Have a synopsis and outline ready of the remaining books in the series, but that's all. So now what? What's the plan? Well first I continue reading young adult fantasy novels to help me refine mine. Second I learn how to write a query letter for a novel and them write and submit some. Third I revise again my chapter one to enter in an upcoming contest, and then I let my novel sit for thirty days while I work on another writing project. What that project is I haven't decided yet, but I will plan it out and commit to it, just like I did with first novel. One thing I know: it will be a work of fiction- whether novel or screenplay. This is so exciting. I'm actually jumping up and down trying to decide what world and characters I will create next.
Oh and in one of my previous blogs I talked about not having an answer for God. Well I gave Him one this morning. The answer is yes.

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