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16 August, 2010

First day back. Now what?

Today was my first day back. Preplanning for teachers. New school for me. Excited and nervous are how I felt this morning. Everything turned out wonderful and better than I could have imagined. I have one completed novel, and now what? What do I write next? I didn't have an answer for that so I prayed. God said what He always has-just write. Write what's in your heart to write. And therein lies the question. What is in my heart to write? That Scottish novel? Yeah, but I kinna think I need to be doing research there(say it with a Scottish accent love). Ok so that one will have to wait. What else? Hmm. Hollywood is buying sci fi scripts. Have one sci fi screenplay completed, and two great ideas for others. One I've already started, the other is a brand new idea; something that's never been done before. Or I could start work on another young adult novel, or get started on that CGI short film.
So many possibilities. I learned this summer: commit my way to the Lord. Know that He will help me and answer when I call, decide on what I want to write, commit to it, plan it out and stick to the schedule. By doing all the above I was able to write my first novel. Now it's time to pray, consider God's wisdom and get to it.

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