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20 August, 2010


When I started typing this into my iPhone, it wanted to spell rejection not reflection (touch screen). I want to do a reflection of my first week at my new school and you know what? Rejection is correct. Rejection at one school led to acceptance at another my new school. When change happens we don't always understand why, even if it wasn't our decision. Remember God is not bound by time. He sees the past, present, and future all at the same time. I had a rough start today. The a/c has been sporadic at my apt since Sunday so I've not been sleeping well. I had to get adjusted to a new school, new faculty, new students. Parent's night, and so today I go into my room-did I mention I have 4 windows in my room that face the trees and the large pond by the side parking lot. Ok so I go to sit down and slip straight off chair onto the floor. Whomp! Then my printer was acting wonky and I started crying. Oh, I love my new school and they've been spoiling me since day one, but I was missing my friends at my former school. I needed to have that cry. Rejection without cause us hard but acceptance into something beautiful that God arranged for me is amazing. So I'm relaxed and happy and yes I am so looking forward to school officially starting on Tuesday-and looking forward to editing my novel this weekend. Thanks goes to God for opening a door for me and pushing me to say yes.

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