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22 August, 2010

Fixed point in time

I've been watching alot of Dr. Who. He's a time traveller. One thing he says when someone asks him why he can't go back and change something. Is-"it's a fixed point in time.". Meaning it can't be changed. Thinking about my novel, there are several times the heroinne wishes she could go back and undo circumstances or prevent events from happening, but they are a fixed point in time and are for her benefit. In my life there are events that happened beyond my control that I wish I could go back and stop from happening. However what I have come to understand is that these are fixed points in time. They have a purpose and yes, I have grown from them. The bible says in Romans 8:28 "All things work together..." 
As I prepare to start my next novel  I'm contemplating ways to add some of these life experiences. Stay tuned as the journey continues.   

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