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01 August, 2010

Prologues and Rice Candy

I'm going through the first revision of my novel. Yesterday I took my printed copy and divided it into chapters (78 to be exact).
I read my first paragraph in chapter one and decided I don't like it as an entry point. Solution: prologue. Writing books differ on the use of a prologue. Some like it, some don't. TV shows use it all the time. It's what you see in the first five minutes. Fantasy books use prologue so I am in good company giving my novel one.
My prologue straps you into the rollercoaster, climbs up the hill and then quickly throws you into the first loop. It's good. And seeing my entire novel in print, all 189 pages, is a testimony to my God and the talent He created me with. I have two weeks before I head back into the classroom. Two weeks to knock out at least one complete revision.
Which brings me to my second point ((it actually doesn't but I'm being random me again), rice candy.
In the orchestra break room today was a bag with little squares of I don't know what. I was curious and lover of food that I am, I tried one. Yum!!
It had a nutty, sweet crunchy taste. One of our trombone players had friends (who were also musicians), visiting from Japan and they brought these to share with us. The one I ate turned out to be a black sugar rice candy. The crunchyness I noticed was the rice. Think of a mini mini brown rice crispy treat with a few toasted nuts. Then I tried the white sugar one. That one was delicious also. Tasted like peanut butter candy. I even tried the seaweed one. Definately a good one for sushi lovers. I didn't try the green tea one but she told me to take a bunch home, which I did. I asked her where I could get some here and she told me they don't sell it here (USA). Just like my Greek candy I can't get it in America. Why!!!
I can see now I have but one choice. I am going to have to do a world food tour. Bring an extra suitcase to carry home all the delicacies I find. Just think of all the writing I can do while exploring new cultures. The evangelizing I can do. Spreading the love of Jesus around the world. I would start in a place that's been in my heart for some time now- the United Kingdom.

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