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10 August, 2010

Change is good

Tomorrow I will be stepping into my new classroom for the second time. The first time was during a workshop and I didn't know at the time it was to be my future classroom, or my future school. I received some disappointing news from a friend at my former job today about changes there, and this job opening at this new school for me was right for me. I'd been at my former school three years. Three years of building friendships with teachers and staff; three years of getting to know students and teach siblings. It's hard. I've had a summer of reflection and change as a person through the power of Christ. The woman that is preparing to go back to work as a teacher is not the same person. That's not to say I'm not sad. I am. Saying goodbye is hard; forming new friendships as much so. Seems like so little a thing but God wants us to bring even the little things to Him. I bring to Him my fear of the unknown, my fear of change, and my worry about the negative change in my finances and I remember: I am His sheep. He is my shepherd. Jehovah Rohi.

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