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09 April, 2010

Which way?

What do you do with hurt feelings? Why are they hurt? I'm going to be a little transparent tonight. I've got cotton candy so I may veer off course.
Prayer unanswered still? No, I know it's been answered. This is where the patience part comes in. The faith part. The bear all things, believe all things, hope all things, endure all things 1 Cor13. True love part comes in.
What I'm learning is that love is not that butterfly in your stomach feeling. It's the action part. The I forgive you when you are wrong and hurt me part. The I believe in you and support you part. That's love that lasts a lifetime. It's hard, but like anything in life if it's important to you you work at it. Like an artist, you don't stop. God is love. He loves me even during those times that I'm not very loving, not being obedient. That's the same for you or me. We are to follow his example. It hasn't been easy. I've been stubborn and wanted my way, but I see why God's way is perfect.

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