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18 April, 2010

24 Hours

In less than 24 hours I will be back at work teaching.
When I think back to all that happened last week during spring break, (some of which were in prior blogs), I wonder what did I learn?
I've learned God's word is powerful and true, if I would only be patient and believe.
I've learned that I love spending my mornings writing.
I learned how to swim.
I've learned that I am no longer afraid of losing my job.
I'm learning to let go and be free.
I've come to see how a person can be special and important.
So as I prepare myself for tomorrow, I feel like a new person.
I feel like the old me is stripped away and the new me is radiant and wonderful to behold.
Saturday I will find out if I was accepted into a two day writer retreat with a writing coach.
In six weeks I should hear something back about the writing I submitted.
A dear friend gave me some solid encouragement about my writing
I do want to stay true to what God has put in my heart to write, and so I am going to set a goal of completing the rough draft of my young adult fantasy novel of May 31st!

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