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07 April, 2010

A lovely day

My day brightened when I took delivery of my favorite coffee this morning. He made me smile.
I think about the author I know that was still writing at 3am this morning, and still going strong.
I think about the 8 hours a day I spend teaching, that I'd rather spend writing. How I'm sometimes too worn out to write when I get home but I have to.
I know I will get to the point that I write full time instead of teach full time, and that goal pushes me. The goal is in sight.
Just one more hill to climb. Sunday I went for a nature walk. There is this bridge I wanted to see but I had already been walking for half an hour. I knew the bridge was there, I just needed to go a little further. I'm glad I kept going. The bridge was in sight. It was worth the patience and effort.

Next week is spring break and I'm getting excited. I hope to go camping. I hope to improve my swimming skills and maybe learn how to tread water. I'm looking forward to spending time outside, enjoying just being outdoors. I've got my spiral notebook and my pens to work on my writing, no matter where I am.
I hope next week is filled with laughter, surprises, and joy.

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