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20 April, 2010

It Must Be Done

Today I wrote two articles. It wasn't my intention, I just wanted to make myself write something. They'll sit on the back burner for now.
Then I took about twenty minutes and prayed for my family and a friend.
I felt convicted by God for not writing something He asked me to write a year ago.
My mind has been distracted tonight as I tried to sort out how I feel about what I am about to write.
I was trying to sort it out by myself even though I have a good friend with a great listening ear.
So right now, I have turned on my laptop, and I am ready to start.
It's targeted to ages 8-10.
Tonight's writing will be the set up and shouldn't be too hard.
My prayer is that when it's published (not if), it will help children who have suffered the same tragedy.
The book itself won't be over 1,000 words as it needs illustrations so I will still be on track to finish my young adult novel.

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