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03 April, 2010

Reviewing the Situation

Sitting outside Dairy Queen with my posse. Ok, it's just me and my daughter. But while she's texting and listening to music I figured I'd see how far I could get with today's blog. 
Oops she's done. Be right back.
Ok now that she's accessorized for Sunday, and I have a goth shirt to match my mood, I can finish this blog. 
Spent five hours today writing. Five hours. I haven't written for that long of a stretch of time since 2007.
Today I was off world. I was on my writer's planet where nothing else exists but the story.
It may be weird, but I got a natural high from it. It felt really good. I could actually see my characters and feel what they felt. 
Even my rewrites today seemed different. I guess that's the key. I am different today. My father, as I stated in a prior blog is deceased, so I got some rock solid advice from my Uncle D. I prayed about what to do. Asked God to forgive me for trying to return His blessing because I was afraid to try. Afraid of rejection. 
Rejection in my personal life is a lot like rejection as a writer. Not everyone man is going to like me (or every editor, what I write). Not everyone is going to accept me as I am. Just as editors try to change what I've written, for better or worse, the same has happened in my life. But God didn't intend for every man to be a good fit for me. 
But if I don't try with the one He picked to be a good fit. If I don't open my heart to love. If I don't submit my writing, then hey! I don't have to deal with rejection. 
It also means I miss out on blessings, opportunities, living.
Is rejection scary? Duh!! Yeah it's scary.  
But I'm no longer afraid to try.
And I have to say a special thank you to my straw man. I laughed so hard I know tears were coming out of the corners of my eyes. You make me laugh deeply and that is a rare gift.

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