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24 April, 2010

Keeping a Journal can be a Dangerous Thing

I was sitting on my porch yesterday afternoon watching the ducks, and writing in my journal. Out of curiosity, I flipped to the first page. It was dated 4/18/09. Almost a year to the date. I read what I had written. Now what you hope would have happened is that you saw some growth in your life in that time span. Not a regression. Not stuck in time.

On that date, I had just finished reading about self-care. It’s for those of us who are burned out on life and everything and can’t figure out why.
A really good read. I’ll try to post the exact name of the book and the author.
Anyway, in this journal entry I was sitting in Lake Park by the water and writing about the changes I needed to make in my life to take better self-care of myself. I wrote down obvious things, like my need to take time to hike in the woods at least once a week, creating a space in my home that reflects who I am, that is both calming and relaxing.

But what surprised me is what else I wrote. Some of it is too personal to note here, but I will state that I wrote how I wanted to travel out west. Now I’ve seen the southwest. Texas, Arizona. But I’ve always had this burning desire ever since I was a kid to see the mountain states like Montana, Colorado, North and South Dakota, Oregon, Washington, (even dipping into Canada to see Vancouver).

Sitting on my porch yesterday, I had this wild idea. My lease is up June 30th. What if I just put my stuff in storage for the summer and headed west?
If I travel solo, I would have to stay in hotels, and miss camping in the national parks. It would be better with a friend. To camp out, to reflect on the day, over a campfire at night. And the stars at night viewed through a backpacker telescope. Awesome sight to be held.

How relaxing and freeing an experience it would be.
How much writing I could accomplish, away from the city and its distractions.

Hmm. Decisions, decisions. You’ll have to stay tuned and see what happens.

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