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25 April, 2010

It's Gonna Storm

There's a couple getting engaged right beside me.
I'm sitting with a view of outside, watching it prepare to storm. I was thinking about how many short stories and novels have been written based around a storm.
Storms have an emotional impact.
Everyone has been through a storm, whether physically or emotionally, or sometimes both at the same time if you live in Florida and have experienced a hurricane.
Storms make you want to run. You want to get as far away from them as possible. Even to outer Mongolia.
I started thinking about Matthew 8:23-27 when Jesus was in the boat with the disciples, and a great storm arose. So great a storm that the waves were crashing over the boat and the boat was filling with water. Jesus was asleep. They woke him. But they didn't say: "Hey Jesus, you just feed 5,000 can you make the storm go away?"
No what they said is "Don't you care?" Don't you care that this storm is going to overcome us and cause us to die? Don't you care about what's happening?
And Jesus responded: "Why are you fearful, you of little faith."
It was like He was saying. I'm in the boat. I'm Jesus. If I'm not anxious or worried, neither should you be. But you need to ride this storm out so you can understand it is not your power that gets you through storms in your life but mine.
I have a storm right now. I want to run and hide but I'm choosing to do the opposite. I'm going to stand up in the boat, stretch out my arms, pray to my Savior, and let the storm wash over me. I know He's got me.

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