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02 July, 2010

Golf Lessons

I started my first golf lesson last night. No it wasn't dark but it was suppertimeish (new word).
I'd had a dear friend show me some basics years ago, but I really wanted to learn how to play so I signed up on my church's website for the women's golf instruction.
It started raining about halfway through. A nice fine rain that cooled us down.
We rotated through four stations: chipping, putting, and two I can't remember the name of but I got to use my seven iron on them.
I learned alot, not just in golf instruction, but in application to my own life.
I had this idea in my head that I have to have this deathgrip on my club. Now I know each station I went to with my group (we rotated every 20 minutes), the instructor would tell us how to stand, how to swing, AND how to hold the club. But in my mind it made no sense to hold the club loosely. I figured the tightest grip humanely possible would do it. (Note loose grip is not the same as loose wrists!)
Throughout the night I would get corrected on my distance from the ball, my open vs. closed stance and my left foot that refuses to stay in line with my right foot, but my grip on the club was not noticed until I came to the putting green. Then it dawned on me. My deathgrip on the club was actually causing me to lose not gain control. I had to "let go."
So I bent over the ball on the putting green, closed my eyes, breathed in, opened my eyes and breathed out. I relaxed myself, and hit the ball. The ball rolled exactly how it was suppose to. I actually got it in twice.
I then thought back to the other stations I had done that evening. How much of an improvement would I have seen if I had just let go and loosened my grip.
LET GO: God started speaking those words to my heart three years ago. In order for true lasting change to happen in your life you have to let go and trust God.
The past six months have been teaching me what happens when you let go. This past week I lost a job and gained another one.
Choosing to let go and watch God work His wonders in my life was a new experience for me. I know God has more change in store for me,
but I now have the reminder of the golf club whenever I think I need to have a deathgrip on my life.

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