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03 July, 2010

What are you waiting for?

I'm watching the funeral procession of the two officers that were killed and it makes me think of two things: eternity and love.
I'm sure those men thought they had tomorrow to make a lot of decisions. I'm sure they thought they'd be home after their shift, but that's not what happened. Their lives were taken in a senseless act. All the plans they had for their future and their family's future-gone.
You can't make a decision for eternity after your gone. The time for that decision is now. Choose Christ. It's the one decision you won't regret making.
I also thought about love. The bible says- We love because He first loved us.
Do you love someone? Tell them, while it is still called today, because you may not get another chance.
Are you afraid to say the words? God will search your heart and give you strength.
1Corinthians 13 says "the greatest of these is love." Don't know how to love? Read that chapter.
Have you wanted to spend more time with your family but let others things get in the way? Stop, go online and book a vacation away for you and your family-while it is still called today.
Someone God has put on your heart to ask to marry? What are you waiting for? A better day? Unh unh. -while it is still called today.
Family member you haven't spoken to in months or years? Pick up the phone and call-today.
Procrastination looks back and says what happened.
Faith looks back and counts their blessings
Whatever it is, do it, while it is still called today.

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