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12 July, 2010

5,000 words

5,000 words.
Today I wrote almost five thousands words on my novel. Four hours worth of writing. I’m not finished for today. I will probably write another five hundred before I go to bed. But I am pumped and excited. And a little hungry. The Snickers candy bar a distant memory in my now empty stomach.

When God told me to write this novel. I didn’t believe it was possible. Now as I look back at the 40,000 words I’ve written and another 15 to 25,000 to go. I see He was write (right).

I get so energized by writing. I love living in this world I’ve created, seeing the characters come alive. As they make decision that are for their benefit, or in the case of my lead character results in the near death of someone dear to her.

I know if I wanted to push myself I could sit here another four hours and crank out the climax of the scene that leads to a huge battle, but my eyes are getting blurry, my bums going to sleep and I have a 16 year old that needs to get out of the house and enjoy some sunshine. Plus the empty stomach thing. I have to be good to my body.

It’s nice to be getting close to completing something worth doing in my life. I am grateful to God for this free time. I have a strong feeling my novel will be finished this week. The very thought amazes me. Power of God. It’s real.

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