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07 July, 2010

24 Hours

I went on a fast for 24 hours. The last time I attempted it I didn't make it past lunch. I did it to clear my head and focus on the power of Jesus.
I know not everyone can fast that long because of health reasons, and God knows that. I also know people that fast for days or weeks. I think fasting is individual, and should be based on what you seek to accomplish.
So my hunger pains started around 10 am. They increased in magnitude until around 2pm.
I was able to push them aside when I focused on my goal: clearing my head and Jesus.
Around 4pm such a feeling of peace came over me. I felt like my head was clearer and I was more focused.
Around 9pm something funny was going on with me. I felt like I was doing something different. Then it dawned on me, I was deep breathing.
Stress and anxiety can cause you to breathe shallow. I hadn't breathed deeply in so long (except for a checkup), I had forgotten how it feels.
I have to tell you, it felt wonderful.
Right now the lead character in the novel I'm writing is going through a time of stress. Two choices will be set before her. Both look good on the outside, but one way leads to her ruin.
Can't give away her decision. I know what I wrote down in the outline that she would do, but she may decide differently.
I have about five weeks left before I resume teaching duties. Five weeks to finish my novel. I didn't think it was possible at first. Just like I didn't think I could go 24 hours without food, but God has been showing me that by stretching myself alittle further, by committing my free time to writing and not mindless pursuits, it can be done.

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