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21 July, 2010

Sometimes you have to let go

I was reading my daily devotional when I noticed a similarity between what that author wrote and my life.
She felt God calling her to let go of her previous way of writing and embrace a new form of writing. She prayed about it, obeyed, and was blessed by it. 
I have enjoyed, for several years now, my non- fiction writing about God and Christian living. I wrote weekly emails, I've written articles. I even completed writing a discipleship workbook for new believers. I knew God had called me to be a writer, He confirmed it for me on a trip to Greece in October of 2007. So I was pursuing the type of writing I thought would be pleasing to God.
April of this year I felt God trying to get my attention about my writing. I felt Him calling me to write fiction. Now in the past I've  written short stories, screenplays, and even some children's picture books, but I thought that couldn't be what God wanted me to do. He wants me to write bestselling nonfiction books to help hurting women, to help new believers. I determined to focus on the writing I thought God called me to.
But this feeling would not leave me. So I prayed and put aside my own desires and opened myself up to hear Him.
He told me to finish my novel. What fiction? Yes. Finish that novel. But Lord, what about all these great faith articles I've written? I need to get them published. You know reach the world...
God told me: your articles will go on your blog. I want you to focus on finishing the novel. Don't worry. My glory will be revealed in it.
My path is not to be the next Beth Moore, but to reach the hurting and lost through my fiction writing.
When I set my foot on His path for my writing I felt and still do at peace.
I love writing fiction. It is the desire of God's heart and mine as well.
I have a list of story ideas to turn into novels once I have completed the revisions on my first one.
3 weeks until I return to work as a teacher. Three weeks to finish all revisions, submit to an agent, and begin the next novel.
It's going to be an exciting three weeks.

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