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22 July, 2010

Why are people so afraid of change?

In my YA novel the main characters go through change. Change for the better. In the process of this change, they go through challenges, perils, tragedy. Whatever I think they need to make them the person I want them to be in the end.
They don't understand the why of it, but I do.
God is like that in our lives. He sees the person He wants us to become and sets in motion events and circumstances to guide us into that change.
It isn't easy and at times it can be painful. Plus we don't know what we are changing into.
Fear knocks on the door and we let it in. Fear is a strong emotion. We grab hold of it, not realizing that strong emotion is not there to help us but to pin us down.
Under the weight of fear we cry out to God.
You don't have to be afraid, but you do have to trust.
Trust and fear are polar opposites. Both vying to be your north pole, but there can be only one.
If you truly trust God then He is your north pole.
Do you trust Him to change you into the person He wants even though you won't know what that is until He is finished?

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