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29 June, 2010

Change, changes things

I did a page one rewrite of the 15,000 words I had previously written on my young adult (YA) novel. I sat in Panera one Saturday, and wrote a completely new outline with the help of a novel writing book (aforementioned in a prior blog). I had about 65 typed written pages on the old story. Currently I am at 13,500 words and I have 60 typed written pages. What’s different? I still have about 25 pages on the old story to rework into the new. The new story is going to be a lot longer, and more action packed I think. I’m a little leery about writing an epic length novel, preferring to write a series of three, but I really like where the story is going now.

It wasn’t easy. 15,000 words is a lot of writing. But looking at where the stories are different. It was for the best.

There have been changes in my life recently. Some forced upon me, some voluntary. I agree with God, it’s time my outside reflected my inside. So over the next six months, I will be going through a very dramatic change.

Is it for the better? You betcha. Will it be easy? No, I’m sure it will be more painful than doing that page one rewrite. More painful that taking a script I love, written three years ago and chopping it to bits, saving the characters but completely changing the story line.

One thing I have noticed, just in the parts of me that have changed so far, is that some people (plural), don’t like the new you. Here’s a tip from me:
I’ll call it Desiree’s fortune cookie tip.
1. If Jesus is happy with your change but some people are not, who are you trying to please? Answer-Jesus. Stay the course. Let those people say what they will, and think whatever they will. Perhaps they need to examine their relationship with the Son.
2. He who ties his shoes does not fall. (That’s a freebee from me).
So change is good, but change does change things.
Now it’s time for me to get back to my novel. She’s really gotten herself in a pickle. That happens when you’re stubborn and refuse to listen.

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