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18 June, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

I'm sitting with my daughter waiting on her friend's sweet sixteen party to start. I think about the rite of passage that occurs at 16. Passing from childhood to adulthood. Some of us have done this physically but not mentally. The old had passed away.
Someone told me they don't understand this new me and are frustrated.
This new me is a result of surrendering to Jesus. I'm still learning and growing, but I feel different and I act different. Things that I would have said or done that this person understands, I don't do anymore. It makes me sad that a friendship is no more, but like it says in Joshua 24:15 "choose you this day who you will serve..." If God then my life has to reflect that choice, and you know what? God is the better choice. I have lasting peace and happiness thru Him. I guess if you don't know Him, you
cant understand.
New beginning. God replaces sorrow for joy.
I'm excited about my new life in Christ, and I hope His love and joy spill out of me to those I know and love.

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