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17 June, 2010

What if there's no tomorrow?

I just received word yesterday evening that a Sunday School class member passed away. He battled cancer for a long time.
His hospital room had pictures my daughter made for him to cheer him up.
That was three years ago. He spent three years in and out of the cancer hospitals.
2006 he was told he wouldn't make it.
He looked back at his life and didn't like somethings in it. He gave his life to Jesus. He had a chance to experience a new life in Christ for 4 years.
Now he's in Heaven. What wonders he must be seeing.
Am I living my life as if I am promised tomorrow when God's word tells me I'm not?
What am I putting off doing, because I'm either afraid or insecure?
What are you putting off, thinking you have all the time in the world?
The time to do it is now, while it is still called today.

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