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12 June, 2010

A new beginning

My YA (young adult), novel has a new beginning. It's much more exciting and alive.
My life has a new beginning. I spent two hours yesterday sitting at a covered picnic table at the park with only one other: God. It was hot and I had a couple of sugar ants run up my leg but I had determined in my mind I would not leave, and I'm glad I didn't.
I watched a bright deep red robin, perch on the mirror of my car. I rescued a caterpillar from an army of ants that were trying to carry it off (it wasn't dead). I looked at all the colors and shapes around me and I heard not an outward sound.
Two hours for me to be still and know my God.
Two hours for God to pour His love for me into me. Like Psalm 23 says "my cup runs over..."
Two hours for my Savior Jesus to remind me I am a new creation and the old has passed away so let it.
Leaving work Friday I knew I had to make some changes. My spirit was not at peace. It is now. From situation focused to God focused.
My main character finds her life forever changed by one event.
My life is forever changed by one event-Salvation. Let that sweetness wash over me.
I look at the freedom and abundance Christ offers, and then I look at what the world offers and there is no comparison. A drop of what Jesus offers out weighs a ton of what the world has, and He offers more than a drop.
I am excited to see what choices my main character makes.
I think about the rainbow I drove through, and I am excited to see God's promises to me fulfilled.
Habb 3:2-the vision is yet for the appointed time... The time is now.

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