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08 June, 2010

Pour into Me

I have a dear friend that is down right now. She is a huge spiritual encourager. She prays for anyone in need. She is the poster child for praying without ceasing.
Well right now, her cup is empty. Seems no one has been pouring hope, love, or encouragement into her cup (myself included). We are so willing to let others minister to us. Do we stop and think about ministering to them?
I had someone make a comment about how our bible study teacher has no problems. He pours himself via the word of God into many lives. He gets down and discouraged just like many of us. Who pours into him?
So my goal for the remainder of June is to find someone who needs pouring into, and pour some of me into them. Whether it's prayer, sharing a bible verse, a dinner, whatever the Holy Spirit leads me to do.
And maybe it will become a part of my life to do on a regular basis.
So let's do some pouring.

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