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21 June, 2011

Blank page

Today I am working on an animated TV pilot. Age range of 3-8, and writing a spec based off of the hit SyFy tv show "Sanctuary".

This entry was penned yesterday, but my writing got temporarily derailed by unforeseen circumstances. So here is yesterday's blog.

There is nothing more daunting that the look of a blank page/computer screen. Like a blizzard without end, the page/screen stares back at you, knowing it is the three-ton giant in the room.
Three hundred fifty page novel, One thousand page novel, One hundred thirty-five page screenplay, Thirty five page sitcom. Looking at the task from the end point the challenge seems insurmountable, and yet it has to be done.

What is the alternative? Put the screenwriting, and TV writing books in a box and forgot about the dream? Withdraw from the graduate program designed to teach you to be a better writer?

There is a line from the movie Galaxy Quest spoken by Tim Allen’s character. His crew from the TV series realizes they are in outer space and want to go home. He states: “If that’s what you want, just say the word, we’ll go. Pay out taxes, feed our fish, and miss out on all of this.”

Just say the word, put all your writing in a box and store it; sell your writing books at a garage sale. Get a job, pay some bills, walk the dog and soon the echo of your dream clamoring for your attention becomes just that. A dull echo that soon becomes nothing at all.

Plop yourself down in front of that TV watching episodes of your favorite show. Go pay $12.00 to see your favorite science fiction-action flick. And when you shut off that remote, and when you leave that movie theater, ignore that empty feeling inside. The one that says-hey I wanted to do that. Because you were too afraid of a blank page.


  1. good post, desiree -- reminds of a play i saw called "Meeting Sam" about a writer who stopped writing; she comes home one day and all her characters are in her apartment, wanting her to finish their stories...have a blessed week!

  2. You can do it!! Besides, there's people out there like me that want to read (or see) your works!!!