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11 July, 2011

Day 5 of Mfa

I am learning so much. My piece yesterday-that was workshopped went well. I'm not allowed to discuss what goes on in workshop, but I am smiling if that is an indication.
Our theme for this residency is Plot and I'm seeing it with new eyes.
Every faculty or student reading I am engrossed in it with new depth of perception.
Tomorrow we head out for a few hours to the largest collection of children's books in the country. I'm gonna feel like a kid in a candy store.
Meanwhile according to my email there is a sci fi short story contest coming up in 8 weeks- I've got one ready; and another screenplay competition-deadline the 15th. I've got something for that also.
Tomorrow here in my residency program I signed up to do a student reading. It's where we get 5 minutes to read anything we've worked on. I have an idea of writing a poem tonight. I don't usually write poetry when I'm not sad, but I feel like I need to express something. If it's not what I want then I do have something else to read.
As I sit here on the front steps enjoying the cool evening air, I am reluctant to go back inside. It's my first real outdoor quiet time-alone-peaceful-relaxing, and I'm loving it.

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