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31 May, 2010


I drove through a rainbow on the way home from a prememorial day get together with friends.
As the celebration wound down, we watched some videos of Casting Crowns, and The Newsboys. The lead singer of the Newsboys had an amazing testimony about his life and walking away from God; having Satan fill his head with doubt and lies, and the power of Jesus that brought him back around. He now uses the talents God created him with to reach others through his music. That is his form of spiritual worship.
I started thinking about my turn around and return to the Lord. My spiritual worship, my living sacrifice. Am I doing it, or am I still listening to lies?
I have to admit, I get discouraged from working 8 hours a day, in a spiritually void place. I realized I was letting Satan plant weeds around the truth about the plans God has for me.
I confessed them immediately to God; and realized the truth of God will happen. Let that joy fill my heart to overflow.
On the drive home, I was reflecting on my choice to let my belief in God's promises radiate out from me, letting that joy continue to shine on my face, when I saw it--the rainbow: God's promise in Genesis 9:12-14.

The rainbow is a symbol of God's covenant, His promise.
Now I don't know If you've ever driven through a rainbow, but I have to tell you, it was an Awesome experience.
To reflect on God's promises, to purpose in my heart to believe them, and just at that moment to come around the corner, no other car nearby, to see that rainbow and realize I could drive through it, and did it...definately a God moment.

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