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26 May, 2010


This may not seem like it's on the same track,  but catch the train anyway.
I was reminded of a story today "....awful, no good, very bad day." That was today. Nothing went right. Issues at work. Issues at home. Grandmother had a mini stroke. 
I was down low today. Ant-level low. So I went to church. They have a great dinner on Wed. Nights. I actually had pistachio ice cream for dessert, and found that I like it.
The Pastor was preaching out of Revelation 
Revelation 19:7
7 Let us be glad, rejoice, and give Him glory, 
because the marriage of the Lamb has come, 
and His wife has prepared herself. 
My eyes kept going back to that last sentence.
What did she do? Say it with me class...she prepared herself.
Uh oh, I thought. I haven't really done much preparation for Jesus' return. I'm not using the talents He gave me to the fullest.
Think about a bride on her wedding day. She doesn't jump out of bed, throw her dress over her head, and go the church. 
No! She takes time to prepare herself.
Being a good writer takes preparation. Preparation requires lots of practice.
I had reached a point today, where I was at the end of my rope. So I grabbed a stool, clipboard, and some journal paper and sat outside.
Off the top of my head, I jotted down one line. "This is the last diary entry for Henrietta Blacksmith."
I then went on to write a cliffhanger of an opening.
I read it back to myself and got excited. It's good.
I'm not going to add to it right now. I'm going to leave it in it's,top of the roller coaster, cliffhanger status as I have a young adult novel to finish and another one after that. Then I'll have time for Henry-girl.
A successful writer has to be able to write no matter the circumstance. If this is to be my way of life then I need practice on how to keep writing through trials and difficulties.
Today showed me: yes I can write while under enormous stress, and turn out good work.
Preparation to be a writer, while learning to trust and obey God. Good preparation. 

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