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13 May, 2010

Birthday Countdown

6 days until my birthday. Time for some reflection. I can definitely say I am not the same person I was last year or any year prior.
It feels weird in a good way, this freedom in Christ.
I am in no way perfect and I do still make mistakes, but praying and reading my bible reminds me to stay God focused, not circumstances focused.
I have so many questions.
The women's book I'm writing... I want it to be done right. The goal is that the focus is not on me and any "elegant" words I may use, but on turning these women's eyes and hearts to Jesus, letting Him in to clean house.
So as the Apostle Paul said in Philippians 3:13 I am forgetting was was behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead...
Yeah I'm excited to see God's plan for me arrive at that appointed time.
This year really is Happy Birthday!

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