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03 October, 2011

Writing in my wait time

On the way to work this morning, I felt my car dip. A few miles later and that all too familiar "thump, thump" sound started. Yep I had a flat tire. So while I'm waiting on said tire to be fixed, I thought I'd work on my blog.
I read a really good devotional from "Girlfriend's in God" this morning about the call of God and trusting Him enough to obey that call.
Gave me much to reflect on.
What am I doing with that seed God planted in me when He brought about my creation? Is it evident in my life? Daily?
I'm going to jump the train right here, but I'll be back.
Grad school is alot of work. I have books to read, creative writing to do and critical essays-Aka non-fiction writing.
Sometimes I resent the intrusion on what little time I have to write. Yes, the program is suppose to make me a better writer (if I let it). And yes I have seen a change in my writing.
Do I want to stop my Mfa program? Absolutely not! It's changing me as a writer and a person.
What I want is more time to delve into my writing, using what I've been learning in the program.
Now I'm taking this train car and hooking it up to the previous one.
To do anything other than write is not using the true essence of who I am. With all these extra demands on me at work, it's time for me to turn to God and wave the surrender flag. Cause I'm not in control, He is. He knows the best way for me to maximize the time that I have. He knows the changes I'm going to have to make in my life in order for my dream (full time writer) to come true. He knows the path I should be on now to be successful later. I just need to trust Him, open up and ask Him.

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