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16 October, 2011

Writer’s Retreat

There’s a little place in the country of Ireland know as Anam Cara. They host writing and painting retreats throughout the spring and summer. I have long lingered on their website on days where I feel the choking confines of my existence (yeah, I’ve been writing dark stuff today). Sorry—focus.

I feel it is time for a writer’s retreat. I don’t mean one of those where you check yourself into a hotel in town and flip through the channels, or watch people in the pool splash around, or get drunk in their lounge chairs. I mean one of those where no one is around. Solitude. The only sensory source is nature itself.

I noticed something the other day when I went to the library to write. The only space that was left to sit was in the quiet study room. Talk about the absence of everything. No sound, nothing sensory to look at. And I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. I lost track of time in that quiet, padded asylum. And I loved it.

Images that have been in my head for weeks include a rocky coast, crashing waves, a giant man-eating squid, rolling hills, and me, with my spiral notebook and favorite gel pens—writing a novel long hand. No concern about food, or shelter. A quick walk into town satisfies my need to eat when the nibbling on feta cheese and olives, and baguettes isn’t enough. Then as the moon hovers overhead, and I need a flashlight to find my way back, I slide in between the crisp white sheets of my antique bed at a B&B with few visitors because it’s off-season.

That kind of writer’s retreat. You know that push you feel inside when you know you need to do something. And then that stupid nagging voice pipes up. “Wait, we can’t take off and do that. We have practical matters to address here. Plus we have no money.” Guess what voice—shut up!

I went to a conference this weekend called Women of Faith. I spoke of attending in my prior blog. The theme was called Imagine. It’s from Ephesians 3:20. Check it out at www.biblegateway.com

These women spoke of trusting God and believing he could do above and beyond what you could IMAGINE.
I’m trusting God to provide what I need for this retreat. Complete trust, because that “push” inside me is not from me. It’s the Holy Spirit. Best not to ignore Him. He only means my good.
That means shutting up the nagging voice, reinforcing my heart with scripture and preparing for the blessing.

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